Cake Network And PokerListings Joining Forces In Online Poker World


The online gambling partnerships continued this week when Cake Network agreed to a deal with The partnership is expected to benefit both companies in different ways, but each is excited about the opportunities.

“We are extremely excited to become a major component of’s massive online presence,” said Andrew Turner, Marketing Director of Cake Network. “The value of being integrated into one of the premiere leaders in new player acquisition and poker-related search cannot be overstated and will have a significant impact on the Cake Network ecosystem and overall liquidity.”

PokerListings is considered to be the top gaming affiliate in the world and that is expected to pay big dividends for the Cake Network. It is estimated that PokerListings will channel over 2,000 customers a month to Cake sites.

“We have been looking for this kind of partnership for some time now and we are very happy to have closed this deal with Cake Network,” said Representative Martin Carlesund. “Not only does the partnership bring great commercial value to our respective companies, but we are very proud to secure the best possible deals for’ visitors.”

Cake Network will return the favor to customers coming from PokerListings. The network will be giving deals to customers that come through the affiliate program, ensuring that these customers will receive some of the best initial deposit bonuses in the industry. Partnerships have become commonplace over the past several years within the online gambling industry. With dozens of countries opening up their Internet gaming markets, companies have been consolidating too ensure they have the best opportunities to gain licenses in those markets.

The US remains the biggest online gambling market in the world, but the government has yet to regulate the industry. A new bill has been proposed by Representative John Campbell that would create a regulated system. Several states have also began discussions for online poker regulations.

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