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Cake Network And PokerListings Joining Forces In Online Poker World


The online gambling partnerships continued this week when Cake Network agreed to a deal with The partnership is expected to benefit both companies in different ways, but each is excited about the opportunities.

“We are extremely excited to become a major component of’s massive online presence,” said Andrew Turner, Marketing Director of Cake Network. “The value of being integrated into one of the premiere leaders in new player acquisition and poker-related search cannot be overstated and will have a significant impact on the Cake Network ecosystem and overall liquidity.”

PokerListings is considered to be the top gaming affiliate in the world and that is expected to pay big dividends for the Cake Network. It is estimated that PokerListings will channel over 2,000 customers a month to Cake sites.

“We have been looking for this kind of partnership for some time now and we are very happy to have closed this deal with Cake Network,” said Representative Martin Carlesund. “Not only does the partnership bring great commercial value to our respective companies, but we are very proud to secure the best possible deals for’ visitors.”

Cake Network will return the favor to customers coming from PokerListings. The network will be giving deals to customers that come through the affiliate program, ensuring that these customers will receive some of the best initial deposit bonuses in the industry. Partnerships have become commonplace over the past several years within the online gambling industry. With dozens of countries opening up their Internet gaming markets, companies have been consolidating too ensure they have the best opportunities to gain licenses in those markets.

The US remains the biggest online gambling market in the world, but the government has yet to regulate the industry. A new bill has been proposed by Representative John Campbell that would create a regulated system. Several states have also began discussions for online poker regulations.

Online Gambling Bust

Bwin Stock Rises On Strength Of US Online Gambling Bust

Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment had the same opportunity that PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker enjoyed. The companies all had to make a choice whether or not to flirt with US laws regarding online gambling, and accept US online poker players.

PokerStars and Full Tilt made the decision to take that risk, while Bwin stayed out of the US market following the creation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006. The gamble to forego years of billion dollar revenue has apparently paid off for Bwin.

Monday morning, trading began on the London Stock Exchange for the first time since the US government issued an indictment against executives of PokerStars and Full Tilt, and the results were great for Bwin. The company saw their stock rise thirty percent on the strength of the future possibilities of the online gaming industry.

Friday’s arrests by the US government are widely seen as a last step towards online gambling regulations in the country. Analysts believe that the US had to first clean up the industry by punishing those in violation of the current law before regulating the industry.

Bwin and other companies who stayed out of the US market for the past five years, are now in a position to partner with US land-based gaming companies. PokerStars had a deal in place with Wynn Resorts, but Steve Wynn terminated the deal after the arrests on Friday.

That leaves Wynn in search of a new partnership opportunity, and that is where companies such as Bwin could benefit from their abstinence in accepting US customers.

On Monday, Bwin stock led the way for foreign gaming company stocks. 888 Holdings also had a big day on the market, jumping almost twenty percent. Playtech was up 7.5%.

Gambling Domain Name

Bodog Stays Ahead Of The Curve With Online Gambling Domain Name

Watching while many of their competitors have been subjected to indictments in the US, Bodog has taken steps to ensure they are not next on the Department of Justice’s hit list. Last week, ten gambling domains were seized after indictments came down from a federal grand jury in Baltimore.

Bodog did not want to be number eleven, so they quickly changed their domain name from, to The European domain should ensure that Bodog will steer clear of having their domain seized by authorities in the US. It is a proactive approach that other online gaming sites may soon explore.

“Right now, the online gaming sites cannot be too cautious,” said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. “They do not know when or where the next set of seizures may come, and companies like Bodog have too much invested in the industry to take any chances.”

Already, Doylesroom, Full Tilt Poker, and PokerStars, have been targets. The US government is sending a message that they want foreign companies out of their market. It is an attempt that many believe is in preparation of having the market all to themselves once lawmakers pass online gambling regulations in the country.

“I think the crackdown stinks in the short term, because I lost my places to play online poker, which I enjoy,” said Maury Braskins. “But in the long run, I think all of us players will be better off, because this will force lawmakers to consider what we want, and that is places to play where our money is safe and the integrity of the game is upheld.”

In light of the recent indictments, one last month and one last week, online gambling sites have started to pull out of the US market. The same type of activity occurred back in 2006 when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was conceived. Democratic legislators have called the UIGEA “ill-conceived”, and they now have the support of many Conservatives in their attempt to overturn the law.

German Online Gamblers

Betfair May Be Forced To Block German Online Gamblers

Many online gaming companies would be affected by new proposed German Internet gambling laws, but perhaps none would be more affected that Betfair. The online bookmaker may be forced to block German online gamblers if the country moves forward with the new tax plan.

Betfair had been in favor of Germany overhauling their online gambling laws, but they have come out against the plan proposed this past week. Germany is looking to tax not only the winnings from online bets, but also the stake. That is the part that would drive Betfair out.

Betfair operates under the premise of allowing a large amount of bets. The company has prided itself on allowing smaller bets in bigger volume with less of a profit margin. If each bet was to be taxed, a profit margin would be unsustainable for Betfair, and therefore would lead to he online company blocking Germans from their software.

“It is not set in stone, but if these regulations go into law as they have been proposed, there are going to be a lot of online bookmakers that will have to reconsider their position regarding Germany,” said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. “It seems more logical that this was just a first proposal, and that German lawmakers will tweak the law to make it work for all parties involved.”

German legislators may be the big winners after the new law proposal. Bookmaking companies will now have to spend millions of dollars in lobbying efforts to ensure that the law does not pas as proposed. The German lawmakers stand to benefit by receiving these lobbying funds in exchange for a commitment to changing the proposal to only include a tax on winnings.

European countries have spent the better part of the past two years cleaning up their online gambling laws. The European Commission has come down hard on countries that have not complied with European Union law, and countries such as France, Italy, Spain, and now Germany, have changed their laws to come into compliance.